11th Jan 2016, by Harriet Dalwood

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for Sunshine.co.uk- Monday 11th January 2016

Hi everyone, Harriet here to give you today's coverage round up which comes from our amazing client Sunshine.co.uk. They managed to secure five pieces of coverage on the Telegraph, the Independent, the Sun and Travolution.

Their piece of coverage on the Telegraph and Travolution came from an industry reactive where they revealed that actually 'Sunshine Saturday', the busiest day of the year for holiday bookings, should be called 'Sunshine Sunday' as they have noticed that the Sunday is usually the busier day for holiday bookings.

Below is the coverage as it appeared on the Telegraph and Travolution:

The third bit of coverage comes from a study Sunshine.co.uk conducted which revealed the holiday destinations where holidaymakers are most likely to put on weight with the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean and Maramis in Turkey topping the list.

Below is the coverage as it appeared on the Independent:

And finally, the last two pieces of coverage come from Sunshine.co.uk's amazing late deals. The deal featured is a two week stay in Boa Vista from only £615, flights included!

Below is the deal as it appeared on the Sun and in the Sun on Sunday:

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