18th May 2016, by Samantha Summers

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for Sunshine.co.uk - Wednesday 18th May 2016

Our online, low-cost travel agent client, Sunshine.co.uk, have undertaken another study that has generated media interest.

The survey asked Britons about whether or not they'd ever stolen whilst abroad, with over half of those polled admitting that yes they have! Towels, soft furnishing and batteries top the list of items that we're most likely to steal when we go on holiday, whilst others choose to take cutlery, light bulbs and even vases. How bizarre - and how some of the respondents got away with stealing some of the items they say they stole, we'll never know.

Don't forget kids, stealing is stealing. Just because you've paid for the use of a hotel room, doesn't mean you can take the bed, the toilet and the doors home with you when you leave.

On a lighter note, we've had great coverage for this on the Daily Express, as you can see below...

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