29th Jul 2013, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Coverage Round Up for Sweatband.com - 29/07/13

Monday's round-up looks at the more specific types of PR, where certain sectors have been targeted by us when looking to generate suitable coverage. Sometimes we focus on the more niche sectors, where the client has a specific target market in mind. In this instance Sweatband.com, an online sports equipment retailer, targeted squash enthusiasts after commissioning research investigating the most popular lunchtime activities and sports.

The conclusions drawn from the survey results revealed that squash was the most popular lunchtime sport, behind general fitness activities such as running and going to the gym. Respondents who selected squash as their preferred activity cited it’s ‘relatively short playing time’, ‘professional image’ and the ‘social interaction’ afforded by it as reasons for their choice.

With squash being so popular in the poll, it was obviously something that would appeal to squash enthusiasts. So with that in mind the release was passed on to the relevant media outlets, with the resulting media coverage evidenced in the cuttings below. It did well in its sector, being picked up by SquashSite365, a prominent squash news website, as well as by Squash2020 a site dedicated to getting squash included as an Olympic sport in the 2020 games. Andrew Shelley, the CEO of the World Squash Federation even passed comment on the findings.

With strong social media followings in the squash world, it certainly reached its target market and should hopefully encourage squash players to remember Sweatband.com next time they’re looking to buy equipment.

Public Relations

Sweatband.com and SquashSite365

Public Relations

Sweatband.com and Squash2020

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