01st Aug 2016, by Samantha Summers

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for Temptr - Monday 1st August 2016

Happy Monday! We love sharing with you some of the coverage that we get for our clients - it makes our client look great, getting coverage in well known publications, and it's nice to see our hard work there online or in print in front of us to see.

Today's coverage that we're sharing with you is for our online low-cost travel agent client, Sunshine.co.uk.

The team at My Weekly wanted to do a feature on how to keep your valuables safe whilst on holiday, and the team at Sunshine.co.uk were more than happy to share some of their nuggets of knowledge, including not carrying more money on you than you really need to and choose your bag wisely - you don't want to pick one that's easily accessible to theives (i.e. backpacks).

You can see the feature in print below...

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