09th Sep 2013, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Coverage Round Up for Versapak - 09/09/13

Versapak, a leading supplier of tamper evident packaging, has had some great coverage in the press recently. Versapak conducted a study looking into security in the workplace and the trustworthiness of employees. The results suggested that a quarter of employees have stolen from the workplace in the past, as 27% confessed to having done so when questioned. The most commonly pinched item was relatively low-key 'stationery', however 13% admitted to helping themselves to things with a value of 'more than £1000'.

Fresh Business thinking and Real Business, along with a number of other business publications ran the story online. There was also some national coverage of the study in the Daily Mirror.

Check out the cuttings below....

Public Relations

Versapak and Real Business

Public Relations

Versapak and Fresh Business Thinking

Public Relations

Versapak and The Daily Mirror

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