31st Jan 2014, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Coverage Round Up for vouchercloud- Friday 31st January 2014

Today's coverage round up focuses on some nice national coverage we've achieve for vouchercloud- the UK's largest discount brand- for a story looking at the buying habits of men when it comes to their other halves.

Always interested to find out a little more about how men and women in the UK broach gifting for their other half, vouchercloud conducted a survey asking men about their experiences. Men were specifically quizzed about their experiences of buying clothes for the woman in their life- revealing that even though the majority had gifted their partner some clothes at some point, the majority had 'no idea' what size clothing their partner wore. The majority claimed to have simply guessed when taking the plunge and buying clothes- whilst some had bought a small size to 'flatter' the woman in their life, even if their guess was wrong.

The Daily Mail reported the story on page 5 in today's paper, with the article also appearing online. Check out the cuttings below!

public relations
Vouchercloud on page 5 of today's Daily Mail

public relations
And a great piece on the Mail Online, too

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