06th Dec 2013, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Coverage Round Up for Vouchercloud- Friday 6th December, 2013

Today's coverage round up features our client vouchercloud- the largest money saving brand in the UK- for some stories we've spoken to press with over the past few weeks that have generated some great national coverage.

The first piece was featured in both print and online by the Daily Mirror, looking at the idea of the 'friendrobe'. Vouchercloud conducted a study that found a rise in the 'friendrobe' amongst women in the UK; ie. women sharing and co-owning outfits with friends to save money. The story spurred a great feature in the Mirror about women's experiences of this, with cuttings below.

public relations

public relations

The second in today's vouchercloud coverage round up is featured on the Telegraph, for a story looking at the average woman's makeup bag contents. According to the results, the average woman carries around over £90 worth of makeup in their bags, with mascara, concealer and eyeliner amongst the most commonly owned items. Check out the cutting below!

public relations

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