13th Apr 2016, by Samantha Summers

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for Vouchercloud - Wednesday 13th April 2016

Our money-saving app client, Vouchercloud, has had some good press releases go out recently - and the one that went out this morning contained the results of a recent survey that showed the regional breakdown for what Britons considered to be the best age to begin having children - 37 in London, the highest age, and 25 in both Wales and Northern Ireland, the youngest ages. This has so far received coverage on parenting blog, Chopsy Baby.

They're also keen on getting mentions for being a money-saving app and we managed to secure a mention for them on the Telegraph today under a short piece titled "Money management apps to make life easier" - and they really do; you can find money-off discounts and exclusives deals for pretty much everything!

If you haven't checked out their website, I recommend you do, but also take a look at the coverage below.

Thanks, Sam

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