12th Aug 2015, by Samantha Summers

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for vouchercloud.com - Wednesday 12th August 2015

Our money-saving discount client, vouchercloud.com, have been hitting the news once again; this time not because of Minions, but in fact highlighting a serious issue that many Britons just don't understand the implications and repercussions of having debt.

The study provided Britons with a list of financial statements, both true and false, and asked respondents to state whether they believed them to be true or false, highlighting the top 5 most common financial misconceptions, including;

  • If you ignore the company you owe money to for long enough, they'll go away and the debt will be cleared
  • Once you declare yourself bankrupt, you're bankrupt for life
  • I'll lose my home if I miss a mortgage payment

The results of the survey have been picked up by AOL Money and you can see the cutting for this below...

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