07th Feb 2014, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Coverage Round Up for vouchercloud.net- Friday 7th February 2014

vouchercloud.net, the US sister site of the popular money saving site and app vouchercloud here in the UK, is the subject of today's coverage round-up; having clinched a nice piece on the holy grail of US websites- The Huffington Post.

Keen to find out a little more about what women across the US spend their money on, vouchercloud.net conducted a study to poll women about spend related to makeup. The study focussed on what items, brands and budgets women favour the most when it comes to their everyday makeup bag- revealing that the average woman carries around a whopping $170 worth of makeup! The most popular items carried by women were mascara and lip balm- suggesting these to be the items the must-haves for women across the States- whilst Maybelline was the most popular brand.

The study picked up a nice piece of coverage on the Huffington Post with a follow link- check it out below!

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A nice piece for vouchercloud US on The Huffington Post

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