24th Jan 2018, by Samantha Summers

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for WMB Group - Wednesday 24th January 2018

We're working with WMB Group, a local firm specialising in bike transport, storage and asset management, who initially started out as a motorcycle transporter (hence WMB > We Move Bikes).

We've been pushing a few different news angles for them recently. Firstly, they're a local business who have expanded their offering; they recently launched WMB Pride - a premium range of motorcycle cleaning products that they use themselves to ensure all bikes they transport are showroom ready. This has received some fantastic coverage with our local news outlet, Gloucestershire Live, it's always great to see companies get local coverage. This can be seen below.

As well as this, WMB are also running a competition right now to find the UK's Proudest Biker, with the winner winning a year's supply of the Pride range. This has received a fantastic little piece of coverage in Motor Cycle News, which also can be seen below.

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