08th Nov 2013, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for Xtras.co.uk- 8th November 2013

Today's cuttings round-up focuses on work we've been doing for Xtras.co.uk- a hair a beauty retailer- gaining coverage in key publications through product reviews and wider consumer stories.

The core of what we do for xtras.co.uk revolves around journalists trying out and reviewing products available from the retailer, which is exactly what was achieved in The People this week. We achieved a great review of the 'Loads of Lashes' product available to buy from the retailer in their 'What's New?' column- so check out the cutting below:

public relations

Next up came some great coverage in Bella magazine, for a wider consumer story looking at celebrity hairstyles. The retailer conducted a poll to ask Britons who they felt had the best and worst celeb hairstyles- with poor old Miley Cyrus clinching the top gong for worst. Check out the cutting below..

public relations

Third in our three-pronged PR attack is a nice piece of coverage that came through on AOL Money, for a specific discount code that Xtras are offering to shoppers. The code was featured on the popular 'Freebie Friday' column, as seen below:

public relations

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