16th Aug 2019, by Fran Tuckey

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up – Friday 16th August 2019

Happy Friday once again, these weeks just seem to fly by these days. Before we know it, it will be Christmas!

I have some amazing coverage for you this morning from my fabulous colleague Sam! She is currently working with Careermap which is one of the UK’s largest organisations for students (young and old) to use to find vacancies within jobs, courses and apprenticeships.

This week we had A-Level results day, which can be a scary, anxiety-fuelled time that determines the next stage in a student’s life. The BBC did a Facebook Live video where in which they got some experts in to answer student’s burning questions about starting university, or what to do if they didn’t receive the grades they had hoped. One of those experts was Director of Careermap, Sharon Walpole.

The Facebook Live video was shared across BBC News and BBC Family & Education News and received more than 107,000 views.

You can check out the article and video below :)


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