26th Jul 2013, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Coverage Round Up- MobileInsurance.co.uk

Today's coverage round-up focuses on one of our mobile clients, MobileInsurance.co.uk, which has clinched some pretty impressive national and online coverage for a quirky story about some of the weird and wonderful places where lost phones have turned up.

Companies that deal with customer claims, now and again, have some excellent stories to tell- particularly when it comes to the weird stories that customers have to tell. MobileInsurance.co.uk is no exception, and rather than look at the weird reasons why people have had to claim for a new phone, we thought it would be fun to look at the weird reasons why claims have been retracted after previously-thought "lost" phones have turned up.

After trawling through customer data we found some pretty quirky retracted claims- including someone who found their lost phone in a wall cavity, and one who found their's in the cistern of the toilet. We put together a top 10 of some of the weirdest reasons for retracting mobile phone claims, and the story was received really well by the press- with coverage in the likes of Gizmodo, The Mail Online and the Sun.

Cuttings are below- and stay turned for our next coverage round-up!

public relations
The Mail Online loved the story

public relations
As did Gizmodo!

public relations
The Sun and MobileInsurance.co.uk

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