17th Jan 2019, by Harriet Dalwood

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up – Thursday 17th January 2019

Our coverage round-up comes from two of our amazing clients today, brace yourselves for some great articles.

First, our awesome client Midrive, who offers a comprehensive toolkit for learner drivers and instructors, received 90 pieces of coverage for a comment they provided to the press regarding driving in the EU after 29th March. The comment appeared on inews, Yorkshire Evening Post, Wigan Evening Post and a plethora of other regionals.

The coverage appeared as follows on inews and Yorkshire Evening News:

Our second shout-out goes to our always amazing, interior specialist client, Hillarys.co.uk. They received some great coverage when they looked into how much Britons spent on items they placed around the house to appear intelligent or cultured.

The coverage has appeared on Ideal Home and Your Home Magazine, both of which had follow links.

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