14th May 2019, by Samantha Summers

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up – Tuesday 14th May 2019

We're having a great week for coverage already, which just tops off an already fantastic start to the week thanks to the sun coming out to play!

First things first, our client Samboat did some research that found the top things that Britons would love to have with them if they were stranded on a desert island, with a machete, tent and sleeping bag topping the list. It's nice to see that mobile phones come in at #6, although none of us would be surprised if they came in at #1 (even though you're not likely to have wifi in the middle of the ocean). This story has been picked up and used in a variety of places, including the i Paper - as you can see below.

Alongside this, our online beauty search engine client, Cosmetify, are really ramping things up right now. They recently worked on an exclusive feature for a journalist which has gone on to be syndicated - this was initially picked up by the Daily Record in Scotland and has since been used on the Belfast Telegraph, Bradford Telegraph and Argus and more! Some of which can be seen below!

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