05th Feb 2019, by Samantha Summers

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up – Tuesday 5th February 2019

We've got a whole mix of clients here at 10 Yetis Digital and today's coverage roundup really reflects that.

First off, we work with local specialist logistics brand WMB Group. They've had an exciting start to the year, acquiring a new 34,0000 square foot warehouse to both increase divisions within the business as well as deal with extra storage demand ahead of Brexit, and also just announcing a new partnership with Harley-Davidson UK. Sometimes there's nothing more pleasing than getting a great business in the local press, getting them recognition within their home town - as can be seen in the coverage below on Gloucestershire Live.

Secondly, we work with Decision Tech who make it their mission to connect users with the very best services, whether that's mobile or broadband related. They recently did a research project into how much of a wasteful nation we are and found that, as a whole, we in the UK are guilty of throwing away up to £500 a year of our weekly food shop - with some regions much worse at this than others. This got some great coverage, including most recently on Ideal Home - as you can see below.#


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