19th Jul 2013, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Coverage Roundup for Sunshine.co.uk- 19/07/13

Sunshine.co.uk, one of the UK's leading online travel agencies, is the star of today's coverage round-up for some corking coverage it received at the hands of our lovely @ShazzaYeti.

With the sunshine well and truly upon us here on UK shores and everyone donning their finest summer gear, sunshine.co.uk decided to run a poll to determine what the worst fashion trends are when Britons venture abroad. Despite us being well known as a nation for our penchant for socks with sandals (gentlemen, I'm looking at you) it was actually cut-out swimsuits that topped the worst fashion trend charts; even beating the likes of the time-honoured speedo look.

The likes of the Independent, The Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph picked up the story, as well as a wide range of the regional press, so it was well and truly a coverage win for sunshine today. Check out some of the cuttings below...

public relations
A nice piece on the Independent for Sunshine.co.uk

public relations
and in the Daily Mail...

public relations
Daily Telegraph and Sunshine.co.uk...

Keep an eye out for more of our cuttings highlights on our daily coverage round-ups!

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