17th Jul 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Dances a Jig About Web Design Pay Increase

Only one day after Ernst and Young issued its warning about the number of companies issuing Profits Warnings one industry that is apparently going through a second boom is Web Design.

Apparently big business is so buoyed by the massive sales and popularity of the likes of MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, FriendsReunited and Bebo etc that they are hastily trying to research and take to market new social networking and User Generate Content community sites.

The net effect (see that, "NET effect") is that web designers are in demand and as such pay levels have increased. At this time in 2006 the average hourly rate for a web designer was £23 and now in 2007 is has jumped to £29. Apparently the cause is the decline in people doing web design at college and uni after the dot com bubble burst in 2001 and a shortage of skilled developers.

Bob Ross the Artist
Bob Ross, The Inspiration for many web designers, including our very own Jilly

Could this mean the end of people retraining to be plumbers and instead web design is once again where it is at.

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