30th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Do work sometimes. Honestly.

Following a particularly life-threatening fall from a poorly constructed (German...) office chair, Head Yeti Andy has sadly been left unable to exercise as routinely as he did prior to the catastrophe, which has negatively affected his Men's Health cover-model physique. He has also been left severely critical of Germany as a nation - uncharacteristic behaviour for an Englishman indeed.

The well-known company responsible (yeah, alright...) requested that photos of the damage were took before they would consider replacement/refund, and here is an example of the imaginative results that we took this morning...

Hugo no longer recognises Andy, to the extent where he now regularly tries to eat his face

Proof of the injuries sustained in said accident, these photos clearly show Andy's broken and bandaged face, which Helen bravely declared as an improvement. Lucky I'm first aid trained, otherwise Andy could have died.

Jilly actually sent these pictures in to the company, writing: 'I hope these pictures convey the gravity of the situation.' Hilarious.

We'll keep you posted with regards to our progress.

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