12th Feb 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Ducks as Media Guardian Gives DEFRA a Rocket

One of the only attractions of a Monday morning is the chance to read the Guardian’s tech section and this weeks was another cracker with a few stories jumping out.

The main one related to the BBC who are apparently struggling to find a replacement for Michael Grade who famously did a runner off to ITV.

Top Grade for ITV
Former BBC Chief trying to spot his successor

There was also an interesting column from Jo Revill who is the Health Editor of the Guardian’s Sunday sister paper, The Observer. Turns out it was she who broke the Bird Flu story with good old Bernard Matthews and she gives DEFRA both barrels in her piece.

Turns out she approached the DEFRA press office to give them chance to comment on the story but they took over two hours to reply and then only gave a generic statement to all media, and did not even copy her in!

Jo Revill Giving Defra the benefit of her wisdom
Observer Health Editor

Sad really as up until that point Revill praised how well DEFRA and the government had done but now she is left wondering how they would cope if a pandemic did hit.

Eek… DEFRA may be doing a bit of soul searching right now, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the delay was not down to the press office, but further up the food chain.

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