09th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Examples of Good PR and Bad PR - Wednesday 9th January

So here we have Wednesday's Good PR/Bad PR choices... today selected by Andy.

Good PR
iTunes managed to get oodles of good PR out of the fact they dropped the cost of buying songs from their shop. I was surprised just how much good coverage they got when you see that they cut the fee by an amazingly low 4pence! Good work their PR team.

Bad PR
Shame really as I really like the company but M&S is getting hammered today because they had a sales slump over Xmas. So far they have had nearly 300 stories written about them (according to a quick google news search). Apparently like for like sales at M&S dropped by 2.2% on last year.

The power of M&S is evidenced in the fact that not only has their share price plummeted at the news, but so has Next, Debenhams and Tesco.

Great quote from the MD Stuart Rose who when asked why John Lewis did so well yet M&S did so badly he commented, "They had a good Christmas. Well done to them. But they fish in a smaller pond and a slightly more exclusive pond than we do ... They don't compete, head to head, with Tesco and Asda on things like men's underpants."

Pic Cred: BBCStaurt Rose is getting grilled (not just grilled but, M&S grilled!)/>

I hope they bounce back.

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