09th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Examples of Good PR Bad PR on January 8th

Still sticking to the resolution and we are a whopping 2 days in to it. So, Andy's choice of Good PR, Bad PR for today is:

Good PR
Virgin Airline killing off the potential Cabin Crew strike. As ever Branson and his media wise public relations team have found exactly the right balance between playing their messages out in public and conducting sensitive behind the scenes negotiations. The strike has been averted and all that most people will remember is Branson's letter to those staff threatening to go on strike saying that people who have a lifestyle that is more expensive than their pay should find a job with another airline. Top stuff...

Virgin Logo
More good PR for Branson's red and white army

Bad PR
Still in the leisure/holiday and travel sector but this one is the Department for Transport who have made a right balls up of the reduction in baggage restrictions at various airports across the UK. Apparently some airports have now reverted to the old personal baggage allowances that can be taken into the cabin and others have stayed with the restricted version.
Not only are airports not consistent in their approach across the UK but also some airlines are insisting the restrictions stay in place, no doubt to cut fuel expense costs (lighter plane, less fuel used).

A really big mess at the minute and no one knows what you are allowed to take and where. Surely a micro-site could be set up in hours with a breakdown of what is going on at each airport.

Any good spots yourself?

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