06th Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Examples of Good PR & Bad PR - Thursday 7th February

Andy's choice of good and bad examples of public relations.

Good PR
One of the most confusing areas I ever had the misfortune to work on when I worked in financial service public relations was Ophan assets. I still cannot work it out in my own head but basically Orphan Assets is the money a life company inherits when it takes over another life company. The debate is always should the assets be given to shareholders of the company or to policy holders.

Norwich Onion has been debating what to do with its Orphan Assets and today announced that 90% will go to policy holders, about £2.1bn worth, and the remainder will go to shareholders. A good public relations move for the financial services life company.

Norwich Onion quoted its Shareholder and Policy Holders Happy

Bad PR
Has to be BskyB. Fortunately their boss owns the entire media world so media coverage will in no way reflect the severity of the story. They made a whopping £112m loss. The price of Kay Burley being shipped around to OB's in a JellyWobbler!

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