13th May 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Fears Twitter Pitch PR may Catch on in UK

Crikey dear blog readers... whilst reading about the Social Media Press Release stuff yesterday I stumbled across a scary sounding new PR idea called TwitPitch. Before anyone asks... no, it is nothing to do with Bill Oddie or bird spotting.

It is the brainchild of IT Consultant (and from reading his blog) and seemingly nice guy Stowe Boyd.

Basically he encourages people to "pitch" their ideas at him in a Twitter stylee! PR's are given 3 chances via email to get it right or then their address is marked as Spam and he won't accept your emails again. This is called... "3 strikes and you are out".

I hope this does not catch on here, no matter how much UK journo's would want it, because I have enough trouble trying to keep our press releases below one page, let alone into 2 sentances!

Still, as I said yesterday, I always believe that if a story is interesting it will get picked up, regardless of how well or badly written the release is.

I see that Stowe travels through Europe alot so I am hoping I can maybe get to a seminar where he is speaking so I can hear his thoughts first hand.

Stowe Boyd
Stowe Boyd - TwitPitcher

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