29th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Feels Sorry for Robert Scoble & his Adverts as Media Pounce

Crikey, can't a guy change his mind?

Tech industry legend Robert Scoble once said he would never monetise his website by adding adverts and he has in the past had a sneaky dig at sites that do.

Several years later he has changed his mind and decided to start running ads on his hugely popular blog. The inevitable has happened and the tech media has pounced on the guy giving him a right old booting.

Scoble Image
Blogger Supremo Scoble

I can see why they are doing it but I am not sure it warrants lenghty character assasignations.

I once said blogs were crap and I would never use them and now it is one of our most important marketing tools. People are allowed to change their mind every now and again.

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