17th May 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Finishes in a Respectable Position – FSB Bowling

As I mentioned last week Jilly and I toddled of to the Tenpin bowling places for a networking meeting with a difference last night.

Several new companies came along and all in all it was good fun. Not going to bore you with all the details but the bottom line is that I came top 3 and Jilly came about 7th so it was respectable finish from the Yetis.
Megabowl – TenPin, call it what you want. Yetis Done good

The person who organised it, Mark Owen of Moose Partnership is also the head of the FSB in this area and he only went and flipping won it!

Clive from The Best Of came second if my memory is right… hmm, it may have been Andy from Abbeydale computers?

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