11th Jun 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Free Marketing Periodic Table Goes Live

Watcha Blog-fans... thought you may be interested to know that our latest Free PR & Marketing Hints and Tips newsletter is now live and I honestly think it could be one of the best ones we have done yet (although, I do say that all the time).

Feedback from regular newsletter readers tells us that they love the freebie stuff that they can download and use so this time we have done an A4 poster that can be printed and stuck to the office wall.

It is based around the Periodic Table. You remember all those sleepy science lessons where you had to remember all the chemical elephants or something, well, we have replaced all of them with really handy marketing and PR tips.

Below is a screen dump, but here is the link to our Free PR & Marketing Hints and Tips newsletter section.

10 Yetis Public Relations
10 Yetis Periodic Table

Don't forget, all our newsletter are propaganda free, nothing but free PR and marketing hints and tips.

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