26th Apr 2010, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Get Online Travel Trade and Print Coverage For sunshine.co.uk

After announcing they were to be the first holiday company to offer 100% refunds to all customers who had been forced to cancel their booking due to the volcanic ash cloud chaos, the UK's fastest growing online independent travel agent and bargain holidays site sunshine.co.uk has been featured on Travel Daily News International and Travelio.net.

There's also been some great coverage in My Weekly News, The Extra (Plymouth & Devon) and TNT Magazine. Check out the cuttings here...

public relations
Travel Daily News International and sunshine.co.uk

public relations
sunshine.co.uk in The Weekly News

public relaitons
The Extra with sunshine.co.uk

TNT Magazine and sunshine.co.uk

public relations
Travelio.net and sunshine.co.uk

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