27th Jul 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Gets Chased By Logistics Army Man

As I sit on the couch in my old jogging bottoms and fluffy pink dressing gown I just had to blog about a funny moment that just occurred.

As we sat here, drinking wine (we've nothing else left - honest) we heard the rumble of a truck. Andy and I are getting a bit sharp spotting all these new and interesting emergency vehicles winging their way past our house this week. But this noise we didn't recognise. Or should I just say, Andy was being nosey and wanted to know what was going on.

So, off he trundles down the drive with his glass of Montana in his once luminous t-shirt and shorts (we're running out of clean clothes - at least it wasn't his Hawaiian shirt and Bermudas). I think nothing of it but I'm sat right in front of the open front door and all of a sudden I see Andy pegging it up the driveway holding on to his glass of wine for dear life as an Army man chases him shouting "Do you need water?" "Do you need water, mate?" obviously sensing some kind of emergency in Andy's... I don't know... wine drinking?

What a sight, luckily I am like lightning (it's frightening) and managed to shut the door before I was ambushed in my pink dressing gown. They've just left in this huge (10 wheeler!) army truck having just filled up our closest bowser.

Phew, at least now I can have a cup of tea!

Perhaps I won't bother.

logistics army bowser filler

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