19th May 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Gets Deep - Is Now a Key moment in History?

Hope you had a good weekend dear Blog readers. Now, as many people will tell you, I am not the deepest soul in the World but the more I read about the parliamentary debate and voting to do with Stem Cell research and giving scientists the ability to cross fertalise "stuff"and create SpiderPigs etc.

Whilst I am sure that this is for the "greater good" and the UK has some of the brightest minds when it come to science, I am not so sure the correct policing measures are in place to stop shenanigans going on.

I also think that this could be looked back at, in years to come, as a defining moment in history, but that right now, people don't realise the full potential of what is going on.

I guess I also have a fear, or suspicion, that those in power cannot be trusted not to have a secret garden shed type facility where all kinds of crazy breeding schemes going on... like a warehouse full of Gary Neville's, can you image the consequences.

In all seriousness, I wanted to blog about the fact that in years to come I think this week, and the parliamentary debate/vote that ensues, could have significant ramifications for the future.

SpiderPig - Early Example of Stem Cell Research

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