15th Jul 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Gets Dongle Out in Public With Philips X59

Some exciting new additions to the 10 Yetis family of equipment I feel I should sahre with you.

This week we bought a replacement laptop for one that went MIA. Given I travel loads it needed to be a light and ultraportable thing so I went for the Philips X59. Weighs something like 1.85kg and came with groovy little Vista operating software.

philips X59 - 10 Yetis Choice of ickle laptop
12.5 inch screen for those interested

Also needed to get broadband on the move so we got a Vodafone dongle braodband thingymebob that so far has worked really well no matter where I am. This means more bloggin on the move... Hoorah I hear you shout.

Nice Dongle
Get Your Dongle out for the ladies

Will report on how they perform in due course.

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