16th Jan 2009, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Gets Front Page National MoFo'ing Coverage for Start Ya Bastard

How cool is this then. Rich has been pimping a story for the last few days on behalf of Start Ya Bastard and their parent company Nulon-UK. The story relates to the rise in swearing in the UK and how it is mainstream across every fabric of society.

The story has gone very well with the highlight being the Front Page Splash in the Daily Express! Cool! On top of loads of other national coverage another highlight has been getting a story about swearing in the Torygraph as well.

All cuttings shown below;

10 Yetis Public Relations Agency UK
Daily Express Front Page Splash

10 Yetis PR Agency UK
Follow up story in Daily Express

10 Yetis Media Relations Agency UK
Daily Mail Story

10 Yetis PR Agency
Daily Sport Story

10 Yetis Online PR Agency
Torygraph Coverage

All good...

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