14th Jun 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Gets on the Bank Battlebus with KashFlow

Alright then... Commander Barr here.

I am reporting to you from Battle Station Yeti Towers and preparing to ride off into war with some banks courtesy of Brigadier Jackson of KashFlow.

Turns out that some KashFlow customers are reporting that their business bank managers are encouraging them to pay and sign up for accounting software that they don't need, just to get an account.
Duane Jackson
Up goes the Cash Flow when you use Kash Flow

This aint on, Brigadier Jackson and I aint having it, so come on... if you have had this happen to you as an SME, let KashFlow know.

Go read the full war message over here on the UKSmallBusinessForums

Roger and out.

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