31st May 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Gets Out The Wand in Public

Absolutely worst news ever - Parry Hotter is getting his own flipping theme park! Don't know about you but I cannot be doing with the bespectacled wizardry books.

I quite enjoyed Lord of The Rings and all that but Harry just does not do it for me... I wonder what the rides will be like:

Haunted house: Packed full of Ginger Ron Weasel Lookalikes?
Big Dipper: Ride goes as high as Harry's voice when he started the films and then plunges to now when his voice has dropped to that of a 30 year old?
Waltzers: Spun round by girls dressed like the hyperactive girl who plays Ron's love action in the film?
Magic Mirror Rooms: Harry gets his wand out and changes peoples shape, size and appearance?

Harry Potter
Artists Impression of Harry Potter Aged 65

Dull dull dull, but more money for JK (and Joel) Rowling, good for her!

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