25th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Gets Ready for Office D-Day

Well... today is the end of an era. This is the last day that Jilly and I will be working alone in the offices as our two new employees start on Monday.

To say we are excited is a flipping understatement!

Helen and Rich (more from them on Monday) join 10 Yetis at a time when we are seeing massive business growth. So far in January we have pitched to more clients than we have ever done in one month before and this means work is piling up nicely for them to dive in and get involved with.

Pic Cred: TryMySport.co.uk
10 Yetis Newbie Initiation Ceremony is Planned Out

Anywho, that is it, no longer will we be able to rugby tackle the dog when he is a frenzy, no more trying to rap like middle aged white people do to rubbish 80's rap songs, no more addressing each other by pet names (big ears & noddy) and given that Rich is a fitness guru, no more eating Domino's pizza for breakfast lunch and tea.

It could be worse, before we had an office we used to work in our dressing gown's in the spare room all day... at least the newbies won't be subjected to that.

Is this the start of the formal 10 Yetis corporate era... nah, doubt it.

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