02nd Jun 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Gets Sucked into Dyson v Hoover

Another thing from last week that I just did not get time to blog about.

Did anyone read about Dyson getting into a spot of bother with the advertising standards authority about their ad that stated it had no filter...

Turns out it did have a filter and Hoover and 30 odd other people complained to the ASA about the advert...

Anyway, the details are in the article I have given a link to above but what was funny was that I was reading Marketing Week the day after the ASA had made its findings and Dyson is actually advertising for some senior marketing roles at the minute. Can you guess the headline for it ads, yep, it said "Don't Tell Porkies" and waxed lyrical about how genuine they are... oops!

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