31st May 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Gets the Brochure Out - IKEA Does Liver

yey rah... no more getting lost looking at Swedish furniture with silly names like Lesbeeann and WillyWonka etc as IKEA is going to start taking internet orders.

I noticed last year when we were getting some bits for the office that the website was ready to roll out internet orders and was being trialled in Nottingham and wondered when it would go live.

Well, the time has come for it all to go bang and IKEA has announced that they expect it to be UK wide by the end of 2007.

Land of volleyball and wardrobes

Don't know about you but I used to get proper lost when wandering round the shop... if it had not been for the hot dogs I would have given up hope and given it a "I may be gone some time" under a bunk bed.

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