10th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Gives A Hugo Update

A couple of people have kindly emailed to ask how Hugo has been getting on at the office, so I thought I'd post a quick update. (For those that don't know, Hugo is our 4 month old Basset Hound)

basset hound

He's settled in quickly at the office, Andy and I sit opposite each other and he prefers to spend his time getting tangled in the mass of cables under the two desks and falling asleep on our feet.

We take him out to see the sights of Gloucester for an hour or so in the morning (don't worry, Alan this is all before 8:00am office hours!) and he often has a little sit down mid-walk to take in the sights (though last week this turned into him lying down on the pavement on numerous occasions throughout the walk whilst I tried to pull him along and not to get annoyed) - passers-by find this very amusing.

It takes a while to walk him sometimes not only because of this but because he'll sit down whenever he sees a person approaching and prepare himself to be petted. He'll then often chose to walk with them rather than us which means we spend a lot of time stalking people in an effort to find a route back to the office.

He's also becoming a pick pocket of sorts - attempting to grab a nice lady's scarf and someone else's ipod earphone which they both frivolously dangled in front of his mouth as they said hello to him.

He pretty much hoovers the streets, eating everything in his path and we have so far recovered, a sock, a cigarette(!), bottle tops, battered sausage and various litter items.

He has on a couple of occasions attempted to woo a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Nora who is quite frankly having none of it. In fact he's a bit of a ladies man and will often just roll over onto his back upon meeting a lady dog.

On the weekends we go into the woods where we live and hide treats for him to find. He's pretty good at this and we are both amazed each time he finds things. It has been suggested we hide a baby which is convenient because I've just become an Aunty, although I have suggested this to my sister and she's not playing.

So on the whole, he's a right little character, which is great, and he's providing us with plenty of amusement as well as everyone he meets.

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