09th Jul 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Gives a Shout Out to All the In-House Public Relations People

A little note to big up all the in-house PR people out there who do wonderful things and are seemingly in a never ending battle to get more budget from their marketing bosses.

This comes from being asked by an in-house PR client to talk with their marketing manager to try and convince them to get more budget as the marketing person did not see the value of PR!

I am always a little surprised to hear that in todays day and age marketing bods are still not tuned in to the value of PR.

So, for all the lovely in-house PR people out there, a few tips on how to prove your worth to the marketing gods.

- Next time you are asked to launch a new product or service as for a dedicated sales number to put in the release that customers can call so you can track how many sales come from it. Once the marketing people see that the conversion rate for sales is much higher than adverts they will be your best friend.

- Ask for a specific PR discount code to put in your release so you can track leads and sales that way.

- Get your marketing bod a profile piece in a paper of magazine (then frame and deliver it to them)

- Ask if you can run either a real-life or conference call phone based focus group before a campaign and then another one after to prove how you are improving the companies public profile.

- Note every negative thing you have stopped from appearing in the media and send them through each week.

- Make sure you circulate your positive cuttings to all and sundry in the business

- Organise a journo hosting with your favourite and most supportive hacks and make sure your marketing bod is invited to see how well you all get on.

- See if you can set up your own media evaluation tool based on brand mentions, article positioning, AVE, key title reach etc and then circulate this monthly

Nice pie chart
Don't Under Estimate The Power of a Pretty but Pointless Graph!

Anyway, I hope that the above helps... just remember us Agency-Side lot are here to help and know the challenges you face.

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