19th Dec 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Gives Festive Cheer to ClearMyMail

Duck and cover dear reader for some trumpet blowing is about to occur.

How's about this for a quick turnaround. The other day I was talking to the MD of ClearMyMail and he mentioned the rise in evil spammers targetting parents by using Wii related emails knowing parents wanted them for their kids.

We worked up a release about this, got it signed off yesterday and out it went today. Finished pimping it a while ago and bish bosh bang, less than 6 hours later and we already have good coverage.

Had the likes of VNU, Computer Shopper, Web User, IT Week, What PC and Computer Active to name only a few, already.

Out'n'pimped and coverage back within 6 hours!

Loving it (Not in a McDonalds way!).

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