21st Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Glances Through Re-Branded Daily Mail

Kapow... The newly re-branded Mail on Sunday hit the shelves yesterday and I had a quick squiz. Looks like there is no shift in the Mail style news agenda and it is simply a sprucing up of the image.

Good points include a much bigger Enterprise section headed up by the ever impressive Jenny Little. Not so good points for me revolve around the font size used throughout the paper seeming much much smaller. Maybe it is just me getting older but I really had to squint when reading yesterday's copy.

Polish Flag Eagle
Rumour Has it the Daily Mail Group were thinking of using this as their logo

After the Enterprise section I tend to still, force of habit, go through to the Financial Mail pages, edited by the campaigning Jeff Prestridge, and then dive straight to Live to read Piers Morgan's inside back page column which is always good for a laugh.

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