17th Sep 2009, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Global Consumer Coverage for sunshine.co.uk

The UK's fastest growing online holiday company, sunshine.co.uk have had some great GLobal consumer coverage for their silly complaints story.

The Telegraph have led the way in the UK so far with more to follow, and this led to ANI news wire covering the story and making it go Global. The West Australian and FHM in Oz have covered the story and there are loads of enquiries flooding in.

10 yetis Digital PR Agency
Telegraph and sunshine.co.uk

10 Yetis Media Relations Agency
FHM and sunshine.co.uk

The West Australian
The West Australian Loves sunshine.co.uk too

10 Yetis PR Agency
Newslite gave sunshine.co.uk a plug

10 Yetis Public Relations
Travel Weekly Blog give sunshine.co.uk some love

More to follow as well!

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