12th Jan 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Global Public Relations Campaign for Tribewanted - Wired Cutting

As I mentioned on a previous blog, we had geat news earlier in the month when news came through that Tribewanted had got a really good cutting in the USA Wired mag.

We have now had the cutting come through and it is even better than we thought. The first page of the Wired News section and in a really prominant position. All in all a great result especially as the journo's from the mag (based in New York) were really nice to talk to. Enthusiastic, friendly and obviously very passionate... a welcome change.

So, below is the cutting.

Nice people, nice story, nice mag - Wired

And hopefully soon there is more cuttings to come, namely, The Australian version of Cosmo and the National Geographc Mag.

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