19th Jul 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Goes on Look Out as Zee French Charmers are Coming

Well, it had to happen, it seems the French media has finally had enough of its inhabitants being portrayed as "evil villains" by Hollywood film makers.

Paris Match (a high profile French media outlet) has got on its high horse (or snail) and stated how tired the people of France are about the villains in Hollywood moves being portrayed as “A smoker, not very clean, vain, cowardly and unfaithful, the Frenchman has come to embody the depraved morals of old Europe as evoked by George Bush,”.

I never realised that villains in recent blockbusters had been of French flavour but the list of films with the "cheese eating surrender monkeys*" playing the bad guys is quite a big one, and this is just in recent times:

Matrix Reloaded, Mission Impossible, SWAT, Catwoman, Da Vinci Code, Oceans 12, Oceans 13 and most recently Die Hard 4.0.

Bruce From Die Hard 4.0
Yippee Kay Ay You Foriegn Mother Flubber :-)

Crikey, anyone would think that American's were in some way upset with something that the French had done... hmm, maybe the invading Iraq for oil thing that our friends over the ocean in Gay Paris said "non" to.

C'est La Vie

* Quote lifted from film called Team America

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