22nd Jun 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Goes Purple About Our Office

Regular readers of this blog (hi Mum) will know the kerfuffle we went through trying to get our first office up and running, for those who missed it, this is the rough breakdown of what happened.

Nov 06 - Found office we liked, sorted paper work etc

Dec 06 - Handed office keys week before Xmas - we were not given front door key so we could not move in our stuff over the Xmas period and had to start in Jan

Dec 06 - Tried to get BT to install line, they couldn't because ex tennant had not cancelled line - told to track them down ourselves or we would have to wait 2 months for new number. In the end, we paid extra to get brand new line (we still have ex tennant number up and running! - we don't use it of course!)

Feb 06 - Finally moved in!!

Feb 06 - Reported two of the three office lights broken

Feb-Jun 06 - Lobbied landlord and cartaker to get our sign sorted so people know where we are as client kept getting lost and ending up in Victim Support office (same floor as us).

Jun 06 - Sign finally sorted

June 06 - Electrician comes to sort the lights.. what does he do? REPLACE THE ONE THAT WAS NOT BROKEN!
Light Being Repiared
Only Fools and Yetis Light Repairs

Yetis give up!

We have a meeting at 11.30am, will the lights be sorted by then...? I think not dear blog readers. :-)

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