25th Jun 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Goes to Linton - Page One

Alrighty then... us bumpkins we loves a good ho down y'all hear and my golly gosh did we have a good time. For those not in the know, 10 Yetis sponsored the 2007 Linton Festival.

So, here we are on a wet and drizzzzzzzly Monday morning, with Jilly nursing a cider induced hangover and me trying to get mud out of places on my anatomy that only a doctor should see.

A photo diary of some of the best bits... keep in mind we took hundreds of snaps and we thought you may not want to see all them :-)

So we start out with Jilly making sure she is festival fashion chic prepared... Joules Wellies and Cool bag:
Joules Wellies and Bag
Ribbed Sole, for the lady's pleasure!

And as the main sponsors we got to have our name plastered all over the shop including the speaker scrims which were massive:
Speaker Scrims
Yetis in the middle of a field on a speaker

We also had a full page advert on the prime back page of the festival guide:
Sheep tastic
I am not kidding, people thought we had graffiti'd a sheep!

The compare is the legend that is Les! We have some of his poems which I will pop onto UseLube when I get a moment, he is funny, if only cos you cannot understand a word he says!
Cowboy Les - For all your horse needs!
Get off your horse and drink your ice cream Les

There were plenty of odd appearing festival attendees and this dreadlocked fella gave me the heebie jeebies, but he turned out to be a legend on the dance floor, just watch out for stray beads:
Predator Lookalike
Yeyrah... How to make a Sowester look good

And then lo and behold, a baby in cow print! A bit of cute to end the first Linton blog post.
baby dress as a cow!
A moo-ing experience for all of us

So there is update stage one! More to follow... betcha can't wait!

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