25th Jun 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Goes to Linton - Page Two

Moving on to the second part of the Linton Festival update here are some more pictures for all to see and share...

When attending a festival here in the southw est you need a fair bit of straw (never call it hay) so you can rest your muddy boots.
10 Yetis Boots innit
Bootiful image of some welly on walking boot lurvin action

We had friends come along, they particularly loved the "real ale" side of the event (wierdy beardy Camra people) :-)
TIMMMMMMMY 10 Yetis legendary supporter
Timmy communicating his passion for real ale - he regretted his passion the next morning!

Apparently, through the haze of beer fumes in the 10 Yetis corner, bands were actually playing and sadly we only got a picture of one ha ha ha .... shameful. The following pic is of the Commitments, offa the tele init, you know, the film and all that. The band we sponsored were called the Manfreds and they were ace. I think everyone agreed though, the band that stole the show were Dr Teeth and his Big Band who were amazing, I even danced a little jig myself!
We thought it important to show Commitment(s)

Oh my golly gosh and here is one of another 10 Yetis follower:
Jayne and Tim
Tim was hiding in embarrassment at his sisters poor drinking skills

And so we come to, in our eyes, the main man from the the Linton Festival. Martin is a legend and he and "the committee" organise the festival in their own time and for no money. Any surplus money goes to local charities. Martin has helped us through sponsoring our first ever event as a company and has done his absolute best to make sure we benefit from it in terms of increasing our profile in the region. Cheers buddy...

Here he is in one of his many festival roles, at this point he was sorting catering out on the food stalls.
Martin helped 10 Yetis loads
He did not let being knocked unconscious by a fence post stop him enjoying the event!

So there we have a photo diary of our first festival event sponsorship, lets just see now if it does as we hoped, fingers crossed.

Just to recap, why did we do it? Well, we identified at the end of our last trading year that as a business we were spending huge amounts commuting all over the country but had no actual clients in our locality. We set in place a marketing campaign to raise our profile and looked for a niche, high net worth event, that key decision makers locally may attend and hey presto, Linton fit the bill... enough info for ya?

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