13th Jun 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Friday 13th June 2008

Good PR

One of the most unique and media grabbing PR stunts I've heard of for a while happened this week, when Eminem prank called LL Cool J at a hip-hop radio station studio, calling himself 'Jason, from Miami'. Basically, Eminem is going to be launching a new album sometime in the near future, and as well as speaking to somebody he admits to 'admiring hugely', can you think of a bigger way to announce the fact that he is back in the studio to the hip-hop community than by appearing on a radio station with a rapper like LL Cool J, who has released 12 albums in total?

At first, everybody thinks he is a regular caller, but as he raps some of LL's lyrics in a 'Name That Tune' game he initiated, it becomes more obvious that he's no amateur. He then asks if he can 'rap a song' he wrote, when he raps the first few lines of 'Lose Yourself', which is when it became known to all that it was in fact Eminem on the line.

Listen to the entire call here.

Bad PR

To contrast the other bad PR stories in the papers today, of murder and warnings of civil war, there is a great story that has gained supply teachers some really bad flak. Martin Rouse, a 50 something supply teacher told a class of unruly 13 and 14 year old mites at a school in Suffolk that if they didn't start paying attention to him and stop misbehaving, he'd get his man-boobs (colloquially referred to as 'moobs' :)). Well, guess what...?

He did.

He has subsequently been sacked, and banned from working in Suffolk as a supply teacher again! What a tit. I remember winding up supply teachers - they must go home and cry themselves to sleep, honestly. Ah, well, even if he doesn't have a job, at least he looks like Charles Bronson. I'm sure he's thankful for that.

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