15th Mar 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR Friday 14th March

Andy in the hot seat today... last working day before Helen returns to save us from drowning under a flood of work.

Good PR
Nintendo. Put a story out today about a school who get their pupils to use the Nintendo Brain Training game for an hour at the start of the day as they think it helps them learn. Nintendo must have wet themselves with PR anticipation when this story came out... amazing stuff!

Bad PR
Politicians don't help themselves do they! Now emerged that they can, and the mojorty do, claim over £20,000 for expenses for their second home in London, away from their constituency. up to £6k for a new bathroom and up to £10k for a new kitchen. God bless them they have it tough.

Pic Cred: Big Issue
MP's close to having to sell Big Issue to raise much needed cash

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